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 Beer Menu

We are very proud of our beer here at The Welly. In tribute to the pub’s previous ownership under Dark Star, we attempt to keep cask Hophead and APA on at all times, with a rotating Revelation/Aurora (Burning Sky) for those with stronger constitutions. In addition, we currently serve four guest casks at any given time and our independent ownership means we can bring you the very best of Britain’s treasures. If you would like to drop in or send us your contact details we will endeavour to keep you notified of our line-up on a weekly basis. Similarly, check our Facebook page for updates.

As for kegs, we have several permanent stations (including a local stout, a Polish larger, Thatcher’s Gold, Burning Sky and some Belgian beauties) and one guest, which is commonly occupied by something seriously sought after. We also have two still ciders (or perries)  on the bar and more cans and bottles than you could shake your wallet at. See below for more details.

Keg Beer & Cider

 Zyweic – Lager   5.6% ABV £ 4.40 pt

The town of Zyweic is twinned with Shoreham, producing this famous Polish lager. It is brewed with the best domestic grade of hops and malt from crystal clear mountain water.

Hepworth –Saxon Lager   4.0% ABV £4.10 pt

A full bodied lager brewed to traditional German purity laws, using 4 hop varieties. A light citrus note for the palate from the hop characteristics. Naturally Gluten free.

Affligem Blonde 6.7% ABV £5.80 pt

A classic Abbey beer, originally brewed in the Benedictine Abbey of Affligem.  Winner of numerous awards, this top fermenting beer is still brewed to the original recipe in the Flemish village Opwijk.

Old Tree – Kombucha 1.2% ABV £4.20 pt

a fermented tonic brewed with Sencha Green Tea. Delicately floral, with a tangy, appley sweetness. Deliciously sparkling, it mixes well with both rum and gin, as well as all kinds of fruit and herbal infusion.

Paulaner Hefe – Weissebier   5.5% ABV £4.40 pt

Naturally cloudy wheat beer brewed with specifically cultivated, top fermented yeast giving it its unmistakable character: sparklingly mild & fruity with a delicate yeast flavour.

Hepworth – Conqueror 4.5% ABV £3.90 pt

A stout full of character, it is a triumphant blend of flavours; sweet & malty, smooth as silk & rich as dark red rubies.

Burning Sky – Arise 4.4% ABV £4.40 pt

Straw gold in colour, a balanced malt bill gives a great mouth feel & a finish that keeps on giving. Restrained bitterness followed by massive peach, pine & resinous hop flavours to keep you satisfied.  A session IPA that’s perfect for the end of the day (or the start).

Thatcher’s – Gold 4.8% ABV £3.80 pt

Thatcher’s Gold tastes as good as it looks. Using a traditional approach & modern techniques for a refreshing cider with a smooth apply taste and a bright sparkle.


Belgian Bottled Beers

Pauwel – Kwak 8.4% ABV 33cl £5.60

Kwak has a bright amber colour with a dense creamy foam head. Fruity and malty aroma. The taste is mellow, with a fruity attack and a nougat-like solidity. It has a slightly mellow character with hints of liquor. Leaving behind a lasting flavour of caramelised banana.

Brasserie d’Orval – Orval 6.2% ABV 33cl £4.60

A Trappist pale ale with a very dry floral/citrus aroma. Most of the hop aroma is smothered by the dominant dryness that immediately takes over. It is bottle conditioned, some go ‘all in’, and others leave the sediment in the bottle. Personally, I don’t waste a drop.

Boon – Mariage Parfait 8.0% ABV 37.5cl £6.60

Consists of 95% mild lambic, aged at least three years and 5% young lambic. After blending, it is brought back to fermentation temperature and bottled for secondary fermentation. Then it is matured for six months. The soft, mildly sour berry taste, harmonises with the oak barrel aromas followed by a bitter aftertaste of cloves. Delicious!

Van Honsebrouck – Kasteel Rouge 8.0% ABV 33cl £5.30

Aptly named for it’s deep, dark red colour given by the addition of sour cherries to a base of brown ale, which is then left in the barrel for a six month period. The sourness of the cherries and the deceptive 8% alcohol level give it a lasting flavour with a hint of cough mixture. I am not aware of any evidence that it isn’t good for coughs.

Chimay Blue –Grande Reserve 9.0% ABV 33cl £5.60

This authentic Belgian beer, whose tinge of fresh yeast is associated with a light rosy, flowery touch, is particularly peasant. Its aroma, revealing a light but agreeable caramelized note.

Huyghe – Delirium Tremens 8.5% ABV 33cl £5.60

This multi world beer award winner borrows its name from a severe form of alcohol withdrawal. Distasteful though that is, it does not reflect the taste of the beer. The aroma is an imposing mix of apricot, banana, and spice and it has a fruity and full flavour in which sweetness gives way to the bitterness of the hops and a dry finish.

Hercule Stout 9.0% ABV 33cl £6.10

Hercule is brewed in the real life town of Ellezelles, where Agatha Christie’s character Hercule Poirot was born. It is a black stout with very strong smokey, coffee, chocolate flavours and a big ABV to carry them a long way.

Moortgat – Duvel 8.5% ABV 33cl £5.60

Bright gold in colour with a dense, white head. A crisp and fruity nose of pear, cloves and wheat beer-like yeastiness with a hint of caramel. On the palate it is dense and creamy, with a strapping, hoppy bitterness and a full-bodied, complexity.

Westmalle – Dubbel 7.0% ABV 33cl £4.60

Dark reddish brown Trappist beer with a creamy head and malty fragrance. The flavour is herby and fruity with a fresh bitter/dry finish. It is a quality beer with a soft feel in the mouth and a long finish.

St Bernard Abbey – St Bernardus Pater 6.7% ABV – 33cl £4.00

Great aroma and appearance. Creamy off-white head. Dark Amber to brown colour. Fruity malt flavour slightly dominated by deeper roast malts.

Van Steenberge – Gulden Draak 10.5% ABV 33cl £6.60

A dark tripel – top-fermented beer that re-ferments in the bottle. Wine yeast is used to start the re-fermentation and this is why the term barley wine is sometimes used.

Barbar – Blonde 8.0% ABV 33cl £5.60

Brewed with honey! It’s not overpoweringly sweet but does create a gorgeous sweet caramel flavour that runs through the aroma and taste. It’s based on an ancient and possibly Germanic recipe but the brewery’s unique yeast and water drawn from onsite wells is an obvious contributor to this very special brew.

Rodenbach – Grand Cru 6.0% ABV 33cl 5.60

Generous nose of grapefruit. Sweet, powerful, acetic aroma. Sour fruit, clean and crisp. Tart and assertive. Beautiful refreshing finish. Very true to style.

Verhaeghe – Duchesse de Bourgogne 6.2% ABV 33cl £5.10

Another Flemish Red, sour and fruity notes from the blending of new and old beer which is then aged in oak casks. A sweet fruity ale with a pleasant fresh aftertaste.

Greenbrew – Monsieur Rock 6.6% ABV 33cl £4.40

This Blond beer is light and very refreshing in the mouth; smooth, with a dry, pleasant aftertaste. Beautifully attenuated, it offers an unparalleled complexity of flavours.

British Bottled Beers

Dark Star – Sunburst 4.8% ABV 50cl £4.30

A hint of initial sweetness adds to the fruitiness and grapefruit tang of this summer ale without detracting from its clean flavour and rich hop aroma.

Dark Star – Espresso 4.2% ABV 50cl £4.30

A black beer brewed with roasted barley malt and challenger hops. Then freshly ground Arabica coffee beans, blended especially for Dark Star, are added to the copper for a few minutes after the boil to provide a rich and complementary coffee aroma.

Partizan – IPA 6.5% ABV 33cl £5.00

A deep golden hazy beer, rich and dry. Aroma hops change batch to batch. This version has Cascade, Columbus and Pacific Jade giving it a beautifully fresh, resinous piney taste.

Thornbridge – Jaipur 5.9% ABV 33cl £4.00

Packed full of American hops, Jaipur’s hoppiness builds in the mouth and bursts with powerful citrus fruit flavours with a remarkably smooth finish. The fantastic balance of this beer makes for a deliciously drinkable IPA.

Thornbridge – Pineapple Halcyon 7.4% ABV 33cl £6.15

An even fruitier version of the acclaimed Imperial IPA, Halcyon. Brewed with pineapple, beautifully complementing the powerfully juicy hops. Definitely not lazy on the tastebuds, this beer is naturally hazy.

Thornbridge – Versa 5% ABV – 33cl £4.25

Fresh, fruity Weisse beer pours a hazy, burnt orange and true to its style it has well balanced flavours of clove spiciness, banana and bubblegum.

Thornbridge – Melba – 5.2% ABV – 33cl £4.70

A clear golden colour with a slight taste of light bitter hops and a prominent sweet peach hit!

One Mile End – Morello Cheery Gose 4.2% ABV 33cl £5.00

Delicate and fresh sour-mash Gose conditioned on beautiful Morello cherries to add a bright spritz of tartness.

Pressure Drop – How We Roll 5.8% ABV 33cl £4.60

Rich dark malt and Belgian candy syrup are the backbone of this super smooth chocolate stout. Brewed in collaboration with Bristol’s Lost & Grounded, How We Roll is made with Pressure Drop’s house Belgian yeast strain and cacao shells from the award winning Land Chocolate.

Arbor – C Bomb 4.7% ABV – 56.8cl £6.00

A hoppy, golden, pale ale, showcasing the very best American hop: Citra! Bold citrus flavours mingle with more subtle tropical fruits, such as lychee, passion fruit and melon

Mad Hatter Brewing Company – Choco Choc Choc – 4.3% ABV 33cl £5.50

A true chocolate porter – think top quality 70% cocoa chocolate, in beer form.

 Tiny Rebel – Frambuzi 4.3% ABV 33cl £4.60

Raspberry Sour Framboise. Packed to the brim with the plumpest, juiciest raspberries they could get their hands on; Tiny Rebel have fired them into this kettle soured little vigilante like a drive-by in the fruit isle. Splat. Splat. Splat.

Newcastle Brown Ale 4.7% ABV 50cl £4.10

A brown ale…now brewed in the Netherlands.

German Bottled Beers

Schneider Weiss – Tap 7 Original 5.4% ABV 50cl £5.60

The original German wheat beer. In 1872, Georg Schneider bought the brewing rights to wheat beer from King Ludwig II of Bavaria, making Schneider Original one of the first publicly available wheat beers in the world. Amber-coloured with nuances of ripe bananas, clove, nutmeg and nuts.

Schlenkerla – Marzen 5.1% ABV 50cl £5.60

Bamberg’s speciality, a dark, bottom fermented smoked beer, brewed with Original Schlenkerla Smokemalt from the Schlenkerla maltings and tapped according to old tradition directly from the gravity-fed oakwood cask in the historical brewery tavern.


Miscellaneous Bottled Beers

Redhook – Winterhook 6% ABV 35.5cl £4.60

The addition of flaked oats and a healthy dose of Munich malt provide a great backbone to this dark ale that supports the addition of lots of Simcoe, Centennial and Chinook Hops.

Guinness – Foreign Export (Nigeria) 7.5% ABV 33cl £4.10

Foreign Extra Stout is a beer like no other. The most full-flavoured of all. Singular and striking. Uniquely satisfying. Brewed with extra hops and roasted barley for a natural bite. Bitter and sweet. Refreshingly crisp taste. The unfermented, hopped wort extract is shipped from Dublin to Lagos where local ingredients are added before fermentation.

Desnoes & Geddes – Dragon Stout 7.5% ABV 28.4cl £3.10

The most famous stout in Jamaica. Dark and rich with coffee and chocolate overtones to a mild hop taste.

Hollows & Fentimans Ginger Beer 4.0% ABV 33cl £3.60

All natural alcoholic ginger beer. Naturally Gluten Free.

Brauerei Beck & Co – Becks Blue <0.05% ABV 27.5cl £2.70

Non-alcoholic offering, almost tastes like a real beer.

Erdinger – Alcohol-Free 0.5% ABV 50cl £3.65

non-alcoholic beer with beautiful isotonic values. Delicious German wheat beer with a fresh, bright taste and a slight bitterness in the finish.

Damm – Daura 5.4% ABV 33cl £3.60

Probably the most famous Gluten Free beer in the world. A pale, crisp lager.

Peroni 5.1% ABV 33cl £3.70

A lager.


Beavertown – Gamma Ray 5.4% ABV 33cl £4.60

A brew you can sit on and drink all day, rammed with juicy malts and huge tropical aromas of Mango and Grapefruit. Massive additions of whole leaf American hops are added in ever increasing numbers at the end of the boil giving huge hop flavour. The beer is then dry hopped for days, driving the punchy aromas so you can smell it from miles away!

Tiny Rebel – Club Tropicana 5.5% ABV 33cl £4.00

Super juicy and crammed full of fruity hop flavours that will have your mouth watering. Packked full of American hops, amplified by Peach, Passionfruit and Mango flavours.

Tiny Rebel – Cwtch 4.6% ABV 33cl £4.00

A perfect blend of six caramelly malts and three citrusy American hops. A deep amber coloured Welsh Red ale with aromatic and tangy hops complimenting the caramel flavours of the malt.

Lervig – Lucky Jack Extra Hard IPA 6.0% ABV 33cl £4.50

Everything we love about Lucky Jack – mountains of grapefruit, pine and just a hint of clean minerality to it – but amped up into a juicy, chewy India Pale Ale.

Electric Bear – Eazy American Wheat Ale 4.8% ABV 33cl £4.50

A crispy summer crusher laden with Mosaic and El Dorado hops. We owe the delicate body of this beer to the 60% wheat heavy grist. It’s soft, pillowy texture and clean finish allows the peach, bright citrus and mango qualities to shine.

Wildcard – Cherry Sour 5.2% ABV 33cl £4.50

A tart cherry sour made with Simcoe hops and Morello cherries.

Wild Beer – Nebula 5% ABV 33cl – £4.65

A hazy IPA with fruit aromas and low bitterness but a big hop character

Bottled Ciders & Perries

Thatchers – Old Rascal 4.5% ABV 50cl £3.70

Medium dry session cider

Westons – Wyld Wood Cider 6.0% ABV 50cl £4.10

Oak aged organic medium dry cider.

Westons – Henry Westons Vintage 8.2% ABV 50cl £4.70

A special reserve, medium dry sparkling cider.

Garden Cider Company – Plum & Ginger 4.0% ABV 50cl £4.80

Plum and Ginger Garden Cider is made entirely from donated community apples, 100% fresh apple juice, naturally fermented and matured 6 months. Blended with natural Plum juice and Ginger extract. Over 3000 households bring us their spare garden fruit each year and in return receive a share of the cider made back for free. Ethical, sustainable and quality cider made from over 100 varieties of apple

Sheppy’s Raspberry Cider 4.8% ABV 50cl £4.80

Medium-sweet in taste. A delicious combination of a traditional light Somerset cider and pure raspberry juice, which creates a characterful drink with a pleasant, refreshing fruitiness not at all sickly sweet like some other fruit ciders. A delightful refreshment for the summery months.

Dunkerton’s – Organic Perry 7.5% ABV 50cl £4.80

Lightly sweetened, made only from Perry Pears. Aromatic with delicate elderflower flavour. A true Perry!