Seasonal Events

Here at The Welly we like to welcome the changing of the seasons by celebrating all that we have – namely great music, good friends and some of the finest brews known to mankind. So grab some cheer and come join us at one of our legendary shin digs.


Thursday 3rd May – Monday 7th May

green manAt the beginning of May we like to champion the coming of summer in a traditional manner by passing cattle through two fires and encouraging our young people to marry. Okay, not really… but we will be hosting a five-day beer and music festival including and encouraging buckets of seasonal-themed silliness.

This year we will be serving more than 30 beers from 30 local breweries including Hammerpot’s Double Helix, Top Notch’s XPA, Ballards’ Wassail and Greyhound’s White Bird. There will also be a special version of Kissingate’s Black Cherry Mild en Plus and a Dark Star’s Imperial Stout which has been ageing in our cellar since 2015 and is no longer available in bottles.

And the ‘real music’ line-up: The Cracklin’ Griffins, Jorge’s Hot Club, Cooper & Blonde’s Music Hall Memoir, Dubious Roots, The Open Mic Showcase, Shady Grove & Burning Organ. See  our What’s On Calendar for more details.

BBQ Food will be available all weekend provided by EAT FOOD LOVE FOOD served on Friday 5pm-9pm and also on Saturday, Sunday and Monday 12:30-9pm


Ale Fresco 

4th & 5th August, 11th & 12th August, 18th & 19th August 

A selection of refreshing summer beverages from ales to ciders to low alcohol Kombucha, Kombucha cocktails and jugs of PIMMS will be available

Saturdays – Ploughman’s lunch will be served between 2pm-7pm and lazy tunes live in the garden from 3pm

Sundays – Barbecue from Eat Food Love Food 2pm – 7pm, live music (in or out) from 5pm 


Paddle Around the Beer – Riverfest 

Thursday 23rd – Monday 27th  August

river festShoreham’s annual Riverfest is a fun-filled celebration of life on the Adur. Our contribution to the madness is a beer festival of mammoth proportions (over thirty real ales and ciders and five days and nights of thigh-slapping fun).

This year we are excited to be hosting:
Thursday 23rd @ 4pm – RIVERFEST LAUNCH –  TRADE DAY – Get your own Welly Festival glass and have a chat to some of the brewers of the fine ales on offer accompanied by relaxed Jazz from the house band
@ 9pm – RIVERFEST – TV SMITH – TV Smith was founder member, singer and songwriter for the Adverts, who formed in late 1976, and became one of the leading bands in the first wave of British punk rock
Friday 24th – @ 9pm – RIVERFEST – DUBIOUS ROOTS – a British Ska / Dub / Reggae / Funk/ Rock band based in Brighton
Saturday 25th @ 4pm – RIVERFEST – SHADY GROVE – Take the song-writers from the Risen Road & Porchlight Smoker, put them in a blender, add fine fiddle, bass and percussion and you get a Shady Grove Gateaux
@ 9pm – RIVERFEST – SPACE AGENCY – Formed by ex Vibrasonic member Simon Jones from England, Hiromi Jones from Japan &Andrew Bowler from Wales, they have released 4 albums of their unique, out of this world Instrumental Sounds
Sunday 26th @ 3pm – RIVERFEST – JOHN CRAMPTON – Blues adapted and evolved with an eclectic mix of flamenco, west African juju slide, country and punk
@ 8:30pm – RIVERFEST – THE WESSEX PISTOLS – All the Punk Hits (and more) Hillbilly Style guitar/mandolin/squeeze-box/double-bass/fiddle/stand-up drums
Monday 27th @ 4pm – RIVERFEST – VOODOO KITCHEN – Dr Bob Brookes & Prof Dave Minns – with many guest artists play Country Rock, Country Blues, Country Old Time, Country & Western

BBQ Food will be available all weekend provided by EAT FOOD LOVE FOOD served on Friday 5pm-8:30pm and also on Saturday, Sunday 1pm – 8pm and Monday 1pm -5pm


Twelth Night (5th January)

toasting the treeGet out of that kitchen and rattle those pots and pans (quite literally) down at the Duke this Twelfth Night, where a band of costumed merry makers will attempt to revive the ancient tradition of Wassailing in their own singular style. The Wassail (‘be well’) is a drinking ritual intended to ensure a good apple harvest the following year. As well as clinking glasses of mulled cider and spiced ale, the evening will  feature traditional music and song (from The Wellington Wailers and others), a Mummers play and all sorts of peculiar customs, such as the toasting of the apple tree (illustrated). Come along and join in the silliness. Good cheer, kitchen wear and silly dress all strongly encouraged.