You may or may not know that the Duke has its very own Youtube channel. Go to The Dukes Youtube channel to check out performances past and, er, fairly recent from some of our favourite acts. There is also an interview with the Duke’s former owner Malcom Hardy, which many of the pub’s patrons – both new and long-term – have found extremely moving.

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 Brewery Update

Apologies for any disappointment caused by our delayed brewery plans.  The original plan to build it at the back of the pub using the structure of the old smoking shelter was conceived as a way to make it visible from the inside through a glass window bringing the beer from storage tanks directly to taps behind the bar.  With architectural plans, preparations for power & water supply; brewery design, planning permission etc. all lined up, and only a few weeks before the start date for building work, we made the difficult decision to change course.

Nagging doubts grew that the brewery would compromise the existing layout, imposing itself on a beloved space for smokers and non-smokers alike. With the added advantage of the new smoking shelter serving us well as a space for beer festivals, barbecues and sheltered seating we had by default created a multi-functional area that enhanced the whole pub. Meanwhile, doubts expressed by many of our customers confirmed to us that we could be making a big mistake by sacrificing the legendary smoking shelter.

So, plan B (or if the truth be known, plan C) is now waiting on negotiations with successful bidders for the Civic Centre site directly behind our garden wall. We hope to secure a parcel of the land to build a no-nonsense functional brewery with access from within our boundaries and with vehicle access at the rear.  The plan bodes well for such an important project and getting it right for the long term future.  Your vocal support for the benefits of including a micro-brewery within the overall development of the Civic Centre site during planning stages would be most welcome. (The council have stipulated the need for both business and residential uses for the site and so our proposals would fit the brief, whilst benefiting Shoreham and keeping the integrity of the pub as we know it intact.)