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After some setbacks getting the building works started over the winter we have taken a step back this New Year to look again at the feasibility of siting the brewery in the garden. Despite the strong appeal and lovely vision of Rob’s design, and the prospect of serving house beers directly from the garden, we were forced at the 11th hour to recognise the difficulties more objectively and have decided not to go ahead with the build.

This decision follows several years of planning to build both within our boundaries, and proposals for purchasing adjacent Council owned land. A series of delays and obstacles met along the way, were in part due to our concern for the pub itself; weighing up the pros and cons of where to site the brewery without compromising limited space, and then, negotiations with the Council for land and access – ultimately leading nowhere. Finally, last year’s preparations to begin groundworks over the winter have been delayed to a point where it seems very unlikely we could avoid the disruption of a summer build. With the spectre of turning the garden into a building site at a time we need it most, and still facing uncertain co-operation from the council to allow space for demolition and groundworks on their boundary, we found it hard to contemplate the idea of shelving the project for another year.

So, having reached a decision, our next step is to look at developing a brewery on a different site. We see this as a more straightforward proposal giving us greater flexibility and more options. We envisage the Duke of Wellington continuing to thrive in its present form, at the same time serving as ‘Tap House’ to its own offsite brewery. Meanwhile, we are also considering the more achievable development of an in-house distillery, producing house rums and water distilled botanical flavourings.


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WFH? Why not Work From Here!

We have just had brand new fibre broadband installed throughout the pub and in the beer garden!