You may or may not know that the Duke has its very own Youtube channel. Go to The Dukes Youtube channel to check out performances past and, er, fairly recent from some of our favourite acts. There is also an interview with the Duke’s former owner Malcom Hardy, which many of the pub’s patrons – both new and long-term – have found extremely moving.

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 Brewery Update

We’re very happy to provide some actual news about Rob’s plans to build a micro-brewery at the end of the garden! This will begin to take shape in November with a start date agreed for construction of the building. We hope the build will cause minimal disruption during the winter months, with our neighbours Brambers Construction taking the job on via the adjoining wall to reduce traffic through the pub and general building mayhem.

Having given up on attempts to buy council land behind the pub, the two storey building is designed to make best use of space accommodating: a brewery on the ground floor; Kombucha production and a small distillery above, plus, a seating area on a roof terrace. (More on the brewing plant later when Rob has finalised plans to fit all three into a multi-functional space!)

So inevitably the next question is “when will the brewery be up & running?” Answer: This is a Rob Jones project, so, as long as it takes… and, towards our fundraising efforts for ESTEEM, this is henceforth a taboo subject. There is a collection box on the bar to receive £1 donations from anyone bringing it up with Rob!